5 Ways to Create Space on a Budget

Ok, so anyone who has moved knows how challenging and overwhelming adjusting to a new space can be.  When I moved in with my husband in Baltimore (fiance at the time), we had NO SPACE to work with.  So these are some of the ways that I have saved money and created space.

1.  No closets-no problem!  Buy clothes racks and create your own free-standing closet.  I also used some cheap shoe racks that I put inside the outline of the clothes racks and some cheap hanging shoe racks for the sides of the rack.




2.  One bathroom problems-so anyone who has lived in a one bathroom space with a roommate/significant other knows that the competition of getting into the bathroom is real!  Ladies, use a vanity-this frees up the bathroom and allows you to get your own relaxing space to get yourself ready for the day.


3.  No bathroom space-buy a cheap organizer for over your toilet.  This creates extra storage in your bathroom.


4.  Tiny laundry area-organize my laundry space, I was able to snag a tiny paper organizer that my mom used to use in her classroom to save space and keep my detergent, dryer sheets, etc.


5.  No kitchen counter space-by adding a tiny table with two stools gifted to us from my mother-in-law, we were able to add an area to serve, prepare, and eat food.



One thought on “5 Ways to Create Space on a Budget

  1. Michele Myers says:

    I love your ideas on how to use small spaces! It’s helpful to see the pictures so that I am able to see how you organized those spaces. Great ideas! I can’t wait to see your next helpful hint!


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