9 Unexpected Items that Movers Won’t Take

If you are hiring a moving company, there are some items that they will NOT take the liability of packing.  Here is the list:

  1. Flammable Items-such as, gasoline for a grill, lighters, candles, aerosolspexels-photo-266623.jpeg
  2. Bathroom Liquids-this means all the soaps for the bathrooms, showers, shampoos, conditioners, Listerine, and lotionspexels-photo-433624.jpeg
  3. Kitchen Liquids-some examples are condiments and oils (even if they have NEVER been open)tomatoes-ketchup-sad-food-161025.jpeg
  4. Open Food-this would pertain to food in your pantry like a bag of pretzels and/or half-used milk in the fridgepexels-photo-479620.jpeg
  5. Cleaning Products-this is your bathroom toilet cleaner, detergents, lysol sprays, shower sprays, glass cleaners, etc.
  6. Light Bulbs-the movers/packers will usually un-screw them from lighting fixtures and will leave them for you to packpexels-photo-256307.jpeg
  7. Frozen non-food items-this is means freezer packs, specialty drink coolers or ice cubes (my husband has special grey gin ice cubes for his drinks and beer cooling sticks to chill beer)glasses-ice-cubes-illuminated-drink-162475.jpeg
  8. Cash-which is a NO BRAINERpexels-photo-545065.jpeg
  9. Valuable Jewelry-they will not pack your expensive jewelry.  You will need to make arrangements yourself to move your expensive things yourselfpexels-photo-265883.jpeg

Applying for a New Job in 5 Simple Steps

Since I have graduated college at Penn State in Spring of 2012, I have worked in 4 different full-time teaching jobs in 3 different states.  I have also worked in 3 different part-time jobs in 2 different states.  In order to continue to set myself up for success, I need to organize my previous employment information.  I am currently applying for jobs where I am moving in Pennsylvania.  Here is what I do:

  1.  Organize your files-use a file cabinet and computer folders into categories according to previous places of work/company names.  Then add number of years worked there and dates.  I also add the state in the title because I move os much!  For example, I have “Montessori 2012-2013.”
  2. Get your important letters-fill your folder with important documents that pertain to the job you have worked in.  I put my recommendation letters and letters of service.
  3. Add certificates-get any important certifications or test scores for the state or job you were working for.
  4. Buy resume paper-update your resume adding your latest job and skill information.
  5. Time to write-make sure you get your cover letter written to match and highlight your resume.  Just remember, you will want to personalize it to the job title/position and company you are applying for.  So each time you apply or print this letter, be sure to make appropriate changes.

Now you are ready to get online and search for job openings!  I personally like using Indeed and SchoolSpring for the teachers out there!  Keeping all of this organized helps me easily apply for new jobs each time I move.  I believe that finding the next step in your career stems from organizing your credentials from your past career(s).

How To Store & Treasure Your Big Wedding Day in Small Boxes


After your big day, what do you do with all your big stuff???  That was my big question after tying the knot with my husband.  The day after my wedding had ended, the venue had packed up my car with boxes of things that had to be returned to me.  I was very overwhelmed and of course, sad it was over.  I wanted to keep all of my memorabilia.

It took me about a year to get it all organized to store.  I couldn’t part with my beautiful bouquet of flowers.  I kept them in the refrigerator until they all died.  I kept them about a full month.  I had my pictures of my both sets of grandparents still in my bouquet along with my “something borrowed” gold pin from my mother-in-law.  I also saved my husband’s boutonniere.  Then, I found a deep shadowbox. that I could pin these flowers in to save forever.  My plan is to hang it in my closet in my new home.

I used a brown box to save all my wedding day fun (my fans for the hot day of the ceremony, glow sticks, sunglasses, hats, specialty napkins, etc.)  Then, I bought small, pretty storage boxes for my personal wedding outfits.  I have one for my hair and jewelry from my wedding day.  I also added my invitation on top and some white flowers from gifts to keep to make it look fun and special when I visit my box.  I also have a “bachelorette” box.  I wasn’t ready to let go of my fun weekend with the girls!

My wedding dress is in an archived box after being cleaned.  And, my wedding shoes are in one of my special plastic shoe storage boxes that I have written about in my “shoes organization” post.

I had such an amazing wedding, and now I get to revisit it in my many boxes!  (Just to clarify, there are 6 boxes in total of wedding memories!)

You can re-create my wedding storage on Amazon!  These ways are super easy and affordable!




A Lonely Move


Have you ever felt like half of you is missing when you significant other is gone?  Have you spent time counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until you can be re-united?

This is how my husband and I are handling our current move-ALONE.  Since the movers have come, my husband is finishing his work in Rhode Island, and I am spending time at my parents’ house in New Jersey.  It has been a full week since we have seen each other.  We won’t be re-united until the end of this week.

We are counting down util we can see each other again.  It is always hard to be apart, but it feels especially difficult when you are making a huge life change as a couple, but you are taking the journey on your own.  I am currently living out of suitcases, boxes, and bags of pieces of my life that aren’t in a moving truck.  And my husband is living out of suitcases in a hotel.

The closing date on our house is February 23.  We are anxiously awaiting moving into our house.  In preparation, we are going to begin getting some new things for our house. The first order of business this coming weekend is purchasing a mailbox that adheres to the guidelines of the HOA in our neighborhood.  We are going to begin budgeting for items to furnish and decorate our new house.

Since I had to quit my teaching job in Rhode Island for this move, we are currently living on one income until I get a new job.  So I really need to make sure that I am sticking with our budget to make our house warm and beautiful.

I will keep you posted on my budget as I tackle the job of making our bare house a home!

Top 5 Things You Need to Know When Considering Where to Move


  1. Spend a weekend-stay at a hotel or Air B&B where you are thinking of living
  2. Live like the locals-check out the local grocery stores, breweries, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, and exercise spots (ex. Yoga or health/fitness clubs)
  3. Meander around-drive and walk around town as much as possible. Think about what you are looking for in your move and the stage in life.  For example, are you looking to live by young professionals, young families, empty nesters, or a retirement community
  4. Make sure it’s safe-go online and look up crime rates in the area
  5. Location, location, location-is there a long commute?  How close are you to your work?  How long are you from the best restaurants and shopping?

How To Organize Your Shoes Part 2


So I have already showed you my major shoe saver that helps protect and display all your fancy shoes.  But what about slippers, flip-flops, and flats???  I use a hanging shoe rack for these.  I am able to fit a couple slippers on each shelf.  I do the same for my flip-flops and flats.  I find it easy to store them in a hanging shoe rack so I can just quickly get a pair out.  I put this rack at the end of my closet, by the door so they can be easily grabbed and worn at any moment.  This saved me so much floor space for my boots!  I love this hanging rack!  Here it is on Amazon for just $11.35!



I love this hanging shoe system so much, I got my husband a similar one.  His is very sturdy.  I have been organizing his closet as well.  He is always traveling and/or rushing out for work, so finding shoes quick and easy is a MUST.  I hang his shoes in his closet on the hanging shoe rack and he can easily see what he has and head out for work on time!  This makes starting the work day so much easier!  This is only $19.99 on Amazon!

Organizing your closet can be cheap and easy!  Just follow my simple tips!

5 Ways You Can Make Money Right Now

Since my husband and I are living off of just one income, I am looking for some ways to save up money to decorate and furnish our house.  I am currently at my parents’ house and have started going through some of the boxes I have left in my basement.  Here are some ways I am making money right now.

  1. Go through old purses/bags and list them on “Offer Up.”  This is an awesome app that allows you to quickly and easily take a picture, add a description, and list it for sale in your area.  It is basically like an online garage sale.  Or you could always have an old-fashioned garage sale!
  2. Sort through old clothes/shoes/jackets and bring them to a consignment shop or Plato’s Closet.  Just remember, at Plato’s Closet, the clothes have to be current and used VERY lightly.
  3. Sell childhood toys (I am currently working on selling my beanie babies.  I was a 90’s kid and adored these little guys.  It has been fun going back through them to see what they are worth).  I am planning on selling them on Amazon.
  4. Look through all jewelry (even broken pieces of chains, pendants, and charms) and bring them to a local jewelry shop.  They will be able to pay you for some of your pieces.  The main goal here is to look for any gold jewelry you may have.  They can melt it down and use it to create and sell their jewelry.  You will get market price for the weight in gold.  I have done this and made about $60.
  5. Gather all of your loose change and bring them to a bank instead of a Coin Star-that way you won’t be charged a percent of your money.  I was able to make $26 doing this.

This is a great motivation to de-clutter your house.  Your goal is to make money.  It is truly a win-win, if you don’t wear it or use it anymore, why not see someone else get good use out of it?  And have a little extra cash in your pocket!!


I feel happy when…


I would love to invite bloggers to finish this statement and share a time you feepexels-photo-541518.jpegpexels-photo-208165.jpegl organized.

I will start…

I feel happy when I am able to easily access my accessories.  I am not a morning person, to get me motivated for my day, I need a large cup of coffee!   And then as I get ready for the day, I love being able to choose my outfit, shoes, purse, and jewelry easily.  I am always happy when my things are in the right place and easy to locate.  You will ALWAYS thank yourself for getting organized.  You will NEVER thank yourself when you are running around the house in the morning trying to find all of your things to start your day.  You will start your day feeling disheveled!  You feel powerful and ready to start your day when you get yourself organized and set up for success!

I can’t wait to hear your stories of when you feel happy!


Car Catastrophe

My car was so crowded with all of my bags and boxes organized by category.  The only way to get them all to fit was to just pile them on top of each other.  It was very overwhelming to see this morning!

The reason that my car was packed is because I am headed to my parents’ house.  A great tip to save money and get to visit your family is to temporarily move-in with them during a move.  My husband and I are both only children and are so lucky to be close with our parents.  My parents are from New Jersey and my husband’s parents are from Pennsylvania.

I am driving to my parent’s house in New Jersey 12 days ahead of my husband.  He will be meeting me here when he completes his job in Rhode Island.  He is currently staying at a hotel.  Once he is finished working, he will join me at my parents’ for a few nights so we can avoid hotel night fees on our own dime.  We will head to Pennsylvania on the Monday morning of his first “official” day of work at his new job.

My car was packed to the gills with all of my valuable like my file cabinet (yes the entire file cabinet), my wedding dress in an archived box, my wedding boxes of memorabilia, my purses, and my jewelry.  All of these valuables would be stored safely at my parents’ house during these 12 days as opposed to a hotel parking lot.  Staying in New Jersey also gives me lots of time to get things done and get my life organized since the move.  I am finally able to unload my car and get into a cozy house with furniture, space, and cable tv!  So exciting.  And the best part is I get to visit with my parents.

Pro-tip: If possible, rely on family and/or friends during an extended moving period.  This will save you money from staying in a hotel and will give you some extra bonding time!


How To Organize Your Purses

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These are the wire dividers that I use in my closet.  I absolutely love them.  I have used them to help organize my purses.  They are cheap and you get 4 for $16.71 on Amazon.  They have helped me showcase all of my purses so beautifully in my closet. All I do is pop them in the wire hanging shelves that are already in my closet and organization is ready to go!  I sort my purses by color/season I wear them in.  While I am not using them, I stand them up and fill them with tissue paper to keep their shape.  I always know what I have when I see them up in my closet.  Plus, it lets me showcase them and makes my closet look so organized and clean.

I loved them so much that I used them to organize my sweaters and shirts that would be ruined if they were on a hanger.  My sweaters are also sorted by color.  I do combine my pink and red sweaters because I don’t have that many.  I have mostly black and white sweaters.  I wear black the most-I just love that color!  These dividers keep my sweaters organized and folded nicely by color on top of each other.  They won’t tip over and they look so neat and organized.  I am able to easily pick outfits out for the day this way.

Here is the link for these wire dividers-you NEED these for your closet to keep it organized.  They are the best!