Cheap Changes to Update a Living Room

In Baltimore, this is how our living room/office area looked.  We have gotten rid of the red chair before we left Baltimore.  Besides that, every piece of furniture has moved with us to Providence.  Most of the pieces stayed in the living room, but a couple of the pieces have found a new home in a different room in Rhode Island.

In our Providence living room, we were able to save money by only buying a few decorations.  The bar table and chairs have been with my husband since Dallas.  The “Union Street” sign is rom my Hoboken apartment.  And the couch, coffee table, and accent chair are all from Baltimore.  The wall shelves are from Amazon and the decorations on them are from Hobby Lobby.  We also bought the black piece of furniture that opens into a bar.  This was our big purchase from Bed, Bath, and Beyond using our 20% off coupon of course.

I wonder what our new living room will look like when we get to our house…