Two Weeks to Move

I have two weeks to move!  I am getting very anxious to get everything done in just 14 days.  I have so much to do and there is currently a blizzard outside!  It is overwhelming when you are getting close to moving to make sure you stay on track to get everything done.  Today, I am calling the cable, electric,water, gas, and heating companies.

Tip-make sure that you have your account numbers handy and make sure that if you have a roommate or spouse you are listed on the account.  There should always be a secondary account name listed so you can both have access to start and cancel service.  Also, make sure you keep track of when you cancel these services and what money is due until that date.  That way, by the time you move, you will have all of the accounts closed out.

Pro tip-use a binder or folders to organize your moving lists and information to keep you on track to move!img_0099.jpg