13 Days and Counting to Move

So, today I was finally able to get out and run some errands after the terrible weather we have had in Rhode Island.  I went out to Walmart to pick up two essential parts of the move.  I bought pillow protectors and zippered mattress protectors.  You will NEED these when you move.  Whether you are hiring a moving service or moving yourself, odds are the mattress will be dragged and pulled through rooms and the floors-YIKES!  I have learned this the hard way.  The zippered mattress protectors were about $12 each and the pillow protectors were about $3.50 for a set of two.  Even though these are cheap and will tear eventually, you will be happy that your mattress wasn’t used as a floor cleaner!

*Don’t forget to make sure that they mattress protectors have zippers!!  If they don’t, it will not serve its purpose to keep the entire mattress clean.


IMG_0120 (1)

Closet Bliss

I am going to miss my closet so much!  My husband and I currently have separate closets in our place.  His is a small walk-in that is in our guest bedroom and mine is in our bedroom.  My walk-in is still small, but perfect for all of my things.

My husband’s closet is color-coded and has a wall of shirts and another of pants.  He has a hanger for his ties as well.  He also has a drawer (this was mine from Hoboken) for his hats, scarves, bathing suits, and shorts.



This is my amazing closet.  I got some help organizing my folded sweaters and my purses from Amazon-I found divider to keep them organized by color.  I also color-code my hanging clothes and put short sleeves in one hanging area and longer-sleeved shirts on another hanging rack.  I have a spot for my gym clothes in the plastic three-drawer container which used to be my husband’s closet organizer for his shorts and jeans in Baltimore.  I line my shoes up on the floor according to color and style.  I also keep a hanging shoe organizer that has traveled EVERYWHERE with me to store my flat shoes and slippers.

My favorite thing about my closet is my individual shoe organizers for my fancy shoes.  I use them for all of the shoes that I would wear to nice events like weddings-my wedding shoes are also stored in their own box.  This box is from Amazon-I love that you can see the shoes so you know what you have to wear for different occasions!