10 Days and Counting to Move

Today I am working on wrapping all of my jewelry.  My jewelry organizer is awesome for  when I am settled, but not so great in a move.  Last time I moved from Baltimore to Providence. I kept my jewelry locked in my organizer during the move.  It has taken until last month for my dad to help me with tools untangle countless necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings from each other.

For this move, I have gotten smart about keeping my jewelry safe and untangled.  So, again I went to the Dollar tree and got cheap $1 small boxes.  I also got small zip-lock bags.  I put each piece of jewelry in a small zip-lock bag and put them into boxes based on categories (earring box, necklace box, bracelet box).

The best part of this system is that the boxes and the zip-locks make it easy to see all your  pieces of jewelry and identify what you need for your outfit!