9 Days and Counting to Move

This past Sunday was my last food shopping day.  I went super light on my food shopping for the week.  I have all of my seltzers, almond milk, and salads for lunches for the week. I have some things like pasta sauce and hummus to pair with non-perishable items in my pantry.  I also have some onions and peppers to spice up pastas, salads, and soups.  I have gone through a lot of my pantry and fridge to make sure that everything that has expired has been thrown out.  I try to use up all of my perishable items as much as possible.  If worse comes to worse, some of the non-perishable items can be moved, brought into work, or given/donated to friends before you move.

Pro tip-if you have a half-used non-perishable item, wrap it individually in zip-locks and/or put saran wrap under the lid to keep it from spilling.  If your boxes will be in storage before a while during the move, I would suggest tossing out any half-used items.  You never know how the items will do stacked in storage boxes in a storage unit for a few weeks.