5 Days and Counting to Move

Today my husband and I have gotten a lot done.  We started by zipping up our mattress, box spring, and pillows in our guest room.  After I zipped everything up, I folded the comforter, bed skirt, and bed sheet on the bed.  I also used garbage bags to keep our over-sized decorative pillows protected.  I also took the pins out of the box spring that hold the bed skirt down.  We decided to get this started before we packed it with all of our boxes from our jobs.

Pro tip-I have cleaned the pillow cases and fitted bed sheet that fits over the mattress.  That way, I was able to zip up the pillows and mattress all clean leaving the fitted sheet and pillow cover on.  When we get to our new place, all I have to do is un-zip and the bed is half made!


Next, we went to his work and cleared out his office to move his office decorations to his new office.  We took off his posters and his Penn State office decorations.  We were able to fit most of his things into just 2 small brown boxes.

Finally, we finished unloading the car.  We had to unload my husband’s office supplies and my teaching supplies.  Since I am a teacher, I have to move all of my teaching posters, decorations, and teaching materials to each time we move.  I save all of my plastic boxes and bins from each of our moves to use in my classroom.  I have been quite the traveling teacher.  Our guest room now looks like this:

Whew!  Now we are going to work on eating some of the food we have since we have less than a week to finish up our food supply!