4 Days and Counting to Move

Today I am starting to pack my suitcases for the move.  I am looking at the weather at what I will need during my hotel stay.  Since we are driving to the next place, I will be able to bring multiple suitcases and bags. I put together all of my favorite winter outfits and pants.  I used my big suitcase for my shirts, pants, and socks.  I also fit in my scarves and hats.  I used my small suitcase for my work-out shorts, pants, shirts, and sports bras.  And then I put my shoes that I am packing in my big bags I bought from “Thirty-One.”  I am packing my toiletries, make-up, and medications, in small bags that I will be able to bring in my car.  To maximize my space, I roll my pants, and work-out clothes.  Then, I can stack the rolls on each other to create more space in my suitcase.