My Mail Moving Mess

Figuring out what to do with mail when you are moving is a nightmare.  In the past, I have been able to put a short hold on it, or forward it all to my new address.  But, this move I am in a unique situation because we are leaving so soon and our house won’t be ready until the end of February.  So, I figured out the hard way what to do in this situation.

We thought we would be able to forward our mail to our house, but there is no mailbox there yet.  So then we thought, we could get a P.O.Box in Pennsylvania, but right now we are in Rhode Island and have to be there in person to get a P.O.Box.  So, we were toying with the idea of forwarding our mail to my parents’ house in New Jersey since we will be spending some time there between the hotel stays in the next month.  But, legally, I still have my maiden name and when we move, this could confuse the post office and my parents’ mail may be forwarded to Pennsylvania.

So, my husband and I decided to put a hold on our mail here this week and my husband will pick it up at the local Rhode Island Post Office when he is done working here at the end of January.  Meanwhile, I will get us a P.O.Box in New Jersey for the month of February, so when I visit my parents on the weekend, I can pick up my mail.  From here, I will get my mail forwarded to our new house.  Phew-I am exhausted thinking about the mail!

My best advice is if you can’t get your mail forwarded to your new address right away, set-up a P.O. Box that you can access during the interim.  



1 Day and Counting to Move

I am throwing out all of the food that is left in the fridge.  I am also going to throw out any condiments that have been used in the fridge-they aren’t worth keeping at this point.  I am going to take some non-perishable items that I have left to my parents.  I don’t like to waste food, so I will try to take anything I can with me to my parents’ house to eat.

I am doing the last big loads of laundry-including washing and drying the fabric shower curtains for tomorrow.  I am also working on getting my car and my husband’s car packed with all of the items that the movers aren’t going to put in the truck.  I am putting in my wedding dress box, suitcases, and my shoes in the car tonight.  It is going to be packed!  I am very good at packing as much as possible in my car-so I will be using my car-packing talent tonight!

Moving When You’re Engaged


So once my husband and I were engaged and settled into our cozy one-bedroom townhouse in Baltimore, we got the wonderful news that he was getting a promotion and we would be moving to Rhode Island in less than a month!  We were very excited for our new adventure!  But to be honest, moving jobs and states while planning a wedding can get VERY stressful.  There were so many life changes going on at one time.  It was hard to think straight.  I was quitting my job and moving to a brand new place where I had no job-which again meant living and planning a wedding on ONE budget.  AHHH!  Not the best time to go down to just one income.  Once we moved to Rhode Island, I was able to live off of my savings to help with everyday living costs and wedding costs.  I was also able to substitute teach which was gave me a tiny bit of money.  We were also able to save money by eating in a lot and I exercised at our apartment (no gym membership).  I also didn’t shop AT ALL besides for wedding essentials.

Luckily, I got a full-time teaching job for the following year.  I was able to meet friends through my work.  My husband’s friends moved to Rhode Island and we met friends with them.  We also joined hot yoga together-my husband eventually stopped because he travels so much for work.  But between hot yoga and friends I have met along the way, we haven’t been bored at all.  And not to mention the traveling, my husband and I love to travel together.

Great tip for people who are single or in a relationship-bringing a dog to the dog park will get you friends in your new area very quickly!