Moving When You’re Engaged


So once my husband and I were engaged and settled into our cozy one-bedroom townhouse in Baltimore, we got the wonderful news that he was getting a promotion and we would be moving to Rhode Island in less than a month!  We were very excited for our new adventure!  But to be honest, moving jobs and states while planning a wedding can get VERY stressful.  There were so many life changes going on at one time.  It was hard to think straight.  I was quitting my job and moving to a brand new place where I had no job-which again meant living and planning a wedding on ONE budget.  AHHH!  Not the best time to go down to just one income.  Once we moved to Rhode Island, I was able to live off of my savings to help with everyday living costs and wedding costs.  I was also able to substitute teach which was gave me a tiny bit of money.  We were also able to save money by eating in a lot and I exercised at our apartment (no gym membership).  I also didn’t shop AT ALL besides for wedding essentials.

Luckily, I got a full-time teaching job for the following year.  I was able to meet friends through my work.  My husband’s friends moved to Rhode Island and we met friends with them.  We also joined hot yoga together-my husband eventually stopped because he travels so much for work.  But between hot yoga and friends I have met along the way, we haven’t been bored at all.  And not to mention the traveling, my husband and I love to travel together.

Great tip for people who are single or in a relationship-bringing a dog to the dog park will get you friends in your new area very quickly!

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