Moving Day 1 Completed


Ok, so today the packers got to my apartment at 8:30 a.m.  It was great timing!  They were able to come and start packing ASAP.  The catch is, there were only 2 packers!  I couldn’t believe it!  Like literally couldn’t believe it, after they walked in, I kept holding the door open and they had to tell me I could close the door because no one else was coming.  They were very nice and were working hard.  Something that I didn’t think of was the WIFI.  Packers like listening to music on their headphones while packing and I had already returned my cable boxes and internet a few days ago!  So, I put on my personal hotspot and let them use that to play their music.

They started packing room by room and did a great job.  Around 11 a.m. the packers for our tv’s and vase came.  Yes, the moving companies have to hire separate people for this. They pack these items very carefully.  They left a little before noon.  Around noon the movers were getting hungry, so I ordered a pizza for them and a salad for me.

Around 4, the packers were wrapping up.  There were lots of liquids that weren’t able to be packed by this company.  So they left me boxes so I could pack them and drive them there-back to the crazy car game of how much can we jam in and still see?  So I just finished packing boxes of bathroom soaps, all my candles, any room sprays, light bulbs, kitchen soaps, and laundry and cleaning supplies-phew!

The packers forgot to do a couple things that I found when they left.  They forgot to pack a few of my dishes and they forgot to pack the shower curtain rings.  Oh and by accident they packed one of my zippered boxspring protector!  I had to tear open a box to get my zippered protector out.  The reason I didn’t put it on yet was because my husband and I were planning on sleeping in our apartment for our last night.  But, I got amazing news from my husband today-instead of sitting on our floor all night with no cable, internet, or areas to sit besides our bed, he got us a hotel!  This is so much fun-I get to watch tv!  Also, there is no room for us to stay here.

Now it’s about 5:30 and my husband is home from work and I’m finishing laundry and wiping down the apartment.  Movers will be here at 8 a.m. tomorrow!  I can’t wait to get to the hotel and relax tonight!  What a day!


(excuse the dark pictures-they took our light bulbs out of our lights so we only have lights from our living room and bathroom working)

Romance in Rome

This is my favorite story!  This is the story of how my husband and I have gotten engaged.  In November of 2014, my boyfriend and I planned a trip to visit Rome in April 2015.  I was so excited.  I had been to Europe with my parents as a child.  We had gone to Ireland, England, and Wales.  That was my only time out of the country-I was not what some would call a world traveler, but, my boyfriend at the time was quite the traveler.  He had traveled a lot growing up and continued through his adult life.  He had been all around Italy, and many other European countries.  Not only had he visited parts of Italy like Florence, Venice, and Rome, but he actually lived in Rome when he studied abroad for a semester at Penn State.  I was thrilled to be going with my own personal tour guide.

First thing was first, we had to get the time off of work and book the plane tickets.  We were living separately in two different states at the time, so this was a bit tricky to work out.  Once that was figured out, we had to then research where we would stay.  We decided to get an Air B&B right in the center of Rome in the Campi de Fiori area.  This trip was a dream for me.  As the trip got closer, the more anxious and excited I got to see Rome for the first time!

As soon as our flight touched down and we got into Rome, I was in awe.  It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen.  As soon as we got into our Air B & B, we threw our suitcases down and immediately went to see the amazing morning markets and walk around the cobblestone streets.  That day it was raining and I remember going back with my boyfriend to the Air B & B to change before dinner.  We were exhausted from the jet lag, but so excited to be in Italy.  I couldn’t wait to see everything!  We walked out of the place we were staying in the rain, it was dreary and cold, but I was too happy to care.  We stopped to look through the Aventine Keyhole which gives you the most amazing view of the Vatican.  There was a long line to see this.  After, we continued walking until we got to this beautiful orange garden (Parco Savello).  It such a beautiful garden that gives you a less touristy feel.  It provides the most wonderful panoramic view of Rome including the Vatican.  I was overwhelmed, then when my boyfriend got on one knee, I was blown away.  I was in shock and will never be able to remember what he said, but I remember saying “yes.”  It was so romantic, we were in Italy looking over Rome and I had my fiance and a ring-life couldn’t get much better.  He even snuck a bottle of champagne and some glasses for us.  We were literally on top of the world-this was the best moment of my life.  It was just him and I.

After having our time alone enjoying each others’ company, we were ready to have dinner and celebrate.  We also took a bit of time to get on wi-fi at a bar to connect with Viber and our family and friends in the states.  I had to call my mom and my future mother-in-law of course!

The rest of the trip was filled with bliss, romance, and of course the beauty that is Rome.  We were there for a full week and got to explore everything there was to see.  This was the hardest trip to end, we weren’t looking forward to going home.  But, we have been lucky to continue to take many adventurous trips since then!

Enoteca Umberto

This is arguably the best restaurant that my husband and I have been to.  It was also the most fun we have had at a restaurant.  This restaurant is in Providence, Rhode Island on Federal Hill (for those of you who don’t know what this means-it is the Little Italy of Rhode Island).  There is outstanding Italian restaurants, delis, and food stores here.  My husband and I have been waiting months to get into this special restaurant.  It is tiny-there are FIVE tables only inside.  When I walked in, I felt like I was in Italy-which is very comforting to me.  The restaurant staff spoke to each other in Italian and to the customers in English.  The kitchen was open and the entire family was working.  The owner was so warm and friendly.  The most amazing part of this restaurant is-THERE IS NO MENU.  The owner will ask you about what you “don’t” eat.  We had 6 courses (including dessert)!  Each course got better and better.  There is just enough to share on each plate.  We had delicious mozzarella cheese with pesto, antipasto, pasta, and fish!  This isn’t including the amazing pannetone dessert.  The owner described each and every dish-some of the recipes were his mother’s.  Not only was it so warm and cozy inside.  But they will NOT rush you through dinner.  From start to finish was about 2 hours-what a wonderful experience!  I highly recommend this hidden gem of a restaurant.  It is a must-do if you visit Rhode Island!

Moving Day Part 1

The packers are here today!  They are going to be packing up my tiny 2-bedroom apartment room by room. The movers don’t come until tomorrow so I still have bags and signs with things that can’t be packed yet today. I also have coffee and water for the movers. My apartment is such a mess and our cars are packed to the gills! So anxious to get a move on out of here!