Day 2 of Move Completed

So after I posted my blog this morning, I got my working station ready for the day and finished my coffee.  After that, I was patiently waiting for the movers to come.  They were supposed to be here between 8-10 a.m.  However, they called around 10 and said that they were running about an hour late.  At ten to 11 a.m. I saw their truck pull up.  They came in and introduced themselves and got right to work.

Around noon, they were hungry and wanted sandwiches.  I told them I would be happy to look for a sandwich place on Eat24 and buy them (yesterday I bought the movers one cheese pizza for $19).  So I obviously offered pizza first.  That was a NO.  So sandwiches it was.  I looked up a place.  After I found one, each of the 3 movers took their time looking at the menu very thoroughly and in my tiny “station” space area.  Finally, after much discussion, they chose their sandwiches and I ordered.  It was quite an ordeal.  After I placed my order, it took about an hour to get here.

About 1:30 the food arrived and I was so happy it did!  I was starving at this point.  After they ate, they went back to work loading the truck.  A few hours later I was starting to get anxious.  I wanted to make sure that the leasing manager was able to take a walk-through before they closed at 5.

Finally, about a quarter past 4 the movers had the paperwork ready for me and were heading out.  I was able to take the garbage out, wipe down a few surface, using my mini vacuum to get out some dust and dirt and head down to the office.

Moving Day 2 was a success.  As I sit and wait for my husband to come take a last look at our place, I am reflecting on the wonderful memories of being together with friends and family we have shared in this home.  I feel excited to move on to the new house and life we will have, but I will always cherish my time in Rhode Island.

(the box and bags in our living room pictures is all stuff that is left and has to go in my car-eek!)

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