Car Catastrophe

My car was so crowded with all of my bags and boxes organized by category.  The only way to get them all to fit was to just pile them on top of each other.  It was very overwhelming to see this morning!

The reason that my car was packed is because I am headed to my parents’ house.  A great tip to save money and get to visit your family is to temporarily move-in with them during a move.  My husband and I are both only children and are so lucky to be close with our parents.  My parents are from New Jersey and my husband’s parents are from Pennsylvania.

I am driving to my parent’s house in New Jersey 12 days ahead of my husband.  He will be meeting me here when he completes his job in Rhode Island.  He is currently staying at a hotel.  Once he is finished working, he will join me at my parents’ for a few nights so we can avoid hotel night fees on our own dime.  We will head to Pennsylvania on the Monday morning of his first “official” day of work at his new job.

My car was packed to the gills with all of my valuable like my file cabinet (yes the entire file cabinet), my wedding dress in an archived box, my wedding boxes of memorabilia, my purses, and my jewelry.  All of these valuables would be stored safely at my parents’ house during these 12 days as opposed to a hotel parking lot.  Staying in New Jersey also gives me lots of time to get things done and get my life organized since the move.  I am finally able to unload my car and get into a cozy house with furniture, space, and cable tv!  So exciting.  And the best part is I get to visit with my parents.

Pro-tip: If possible, rely on family and/or friends during an extended moving period.  This will save you money from staying in a hotel and will give you some extra bonding time!


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