How To Organize Your Purses

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These are the wire dividers that I use in my closet.  I absolutely love them.  I have used them to help organize my purses.  They are cheap and you get 4 for $16.71 on Amazon.  They have helped me showcase all of my purses so beautifully in my closet. All I do is pop them in the wire hanging shelves that are already in my closet and organization is ready to go!  I sort my purses by color/season I wear them in.  While I am not using them, I stand them up and fill them with tissue paper to keep their shape.  I always know what I have when I see them up in my closet.  Plus, it lets me showcase them and makes my closet look so organized and clean.

I loved them so much that I used them to organize my sweaters and shirts that would be ruined if they were on a hanger.  My sweaters are also sorted by color.  I do combine my pink and red sweaters because I don’t have that many.  I have mostly black and white sweaters.  I wear black the most-I just love that color!  These dividers keep my sweaters organized and folded nicely by color on top of each other.  They won’t tip over and they look so neat and organized.  I am able to easily pick outfits out for the day this way.

Here is the link for these wire dividers-you NEED these for your closet to keep it organized.  They are the best!

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