How To Organize Your Shoes Part 2


So I have already showed you my major shoe saver that helps protect and display all your fancy shoes.  But what about slippers, flip-flops, and flats???  I use a hanging shoe rack for these.  I am able to fit a couple slippers on each shelf.  I do the same for my flip-flops and flats.  I find it easy to store them in a hanging shoe rack so I can just quickly get a pair out.  I put this rack at the end of my closet, by the door so they can be easily grabbed and worn at any moment.  This saved me so much floor space for my boots!  I love this hanging rack!  Here it is on Amazon for just $11.35!



I love this hanging shoe system so much, I got my husband a similar one.  His is very sturdy.  I have been organizing his closet as well.  He is always traveling and/or rushing out for work, so finding shoes quick and easy is a MUST.  I hang his shoes in his closet on the hanging shoe rack and he can easily see what he has and head out for work on time!  This makes starting the work day so much easier!  This is only $19.99 on Amazon!

Organizing your closet can be cheap and easy!  Just follow my simple tips!