A Lonely Move


Have you ever felt like half of you is missing when you significant other is gone?  Have you spent time counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until you can be re-united?

This is how my husband and I are handling our current move-ALONE.  Since the movers have come, my husband is finishing his work in Rhode Island, and I am spending time at my parents’ house in New Jersey.  It has been a full week since we have seen each other.  We won’t be re-united until the end of this week.

We are counting down util we can see each other again.  It is always hard to be apart, but it feels especially difficult when you are making a huge life change as a couple, but you are taking the journey on your own.  I am currently living out of suitcases, boxes, and bags of pieces of my life that aren’t in a moving truck.  And my husband is living out of suitcases in a hotel.

The closing date on our house is February 23.  We are anxiously awaiting moving into our house.  In preparation, we are going to begin getting some new things for our house. The first order of business this coming weekend is purchasing a mailbox that adheres to the guidelines of the HOA in our neighborhood.  We are going to begin budgeting for items to furnish and decorate our new house.

Since I had to quit my teaching job in Rhode Island for this move, we are currently living on one income until I get a new job.  So I really need to make sure that I am sticking with our budget to make our house warm and beautiful.

I will keep you posted on my budget as I tackle the job of making our bare house a home!