Make-Up Organizer

This is an amazing make-up drawer organizer from my post, “How To Organize Your Vanity.”  This drawer expands to fit in any size drawer.  It is super user friendly.  I keep my foundation, blush, concealer, and eye shadows in these separate compartments.  It makes getting ready so much easier to see all of your make-up ready to use!  Click the picture below to view the product on Amazon:



5 Hidden Costs When Moving


  1. Check your lease-if you are leasing an apartment, condo, townhouse, or home-CHECK YOUR LEASE. There are many hidden costs here to break that lease early.pexels-photo-323780.jpeg
  2. Check your cable contract-there are some that you will have to buy your way out of (Unfortunately, I have had to spend hundreds of dollars in the past to buy out of a contract for a cable company when moving out of state).pexels-photo-442576.jpeg
  3. Budget in money for hotels/food-if you have lag time from your current living situation to a new living situation, you will have to budget to make sure you have enough money for hotels and food while you are waiting to get into your new digs.pexels-photo-518244.jpeg
  4. Have some cash for tips-if you are having a moving company come or buying any furniture that needs to be carried into your new place, you will have to have some cash to tip.pexels-photo-545065.jpeg
  5. Car Registration-if you are moving out of state, a lot of the new car registration costs are intense. I have had some experiences where I have had to spend half my month’s rent of these costs.  Make sure to check it out online before relocating.pexels-photo-849835.jpeg

Vanity Garbage Can

This was another item I talked about in mY, “How To Organize Your Vanity” post.  You need a garbage next to your vanity/getting ready area so you can throw away your tissues, q-tips, and other cotton applicators used to do your make-up.  You will thank me for this tip when you are able to complete your make-up routine without running into the bathroom each time you need the garbage.  I love a delicate, white garbage to go with my vanity and finish the look.  Click on the Amazon link below to view the garbage can.

Make-Up Mirror

This is another essential item to have on your vanity.  This mirror is double-sided (one for a regular view and one for a magnified view).  I talked about this in my, “How To Organize Your Vanity” post.  The magnified view is scary to literally see every flaw and pore on your face, but this is perfect for tweezing eyebrows and making sure that you are covering each blemish for a big night out!  This is the best make-up investment I have made.  Once your are finished with your make-up, you know that you look amazing and ready for the day/night.  Click on the picture to check out the link on Amazon.

Make-Up Brush and Lip Color Organizer


This is similar to what I use on top of my vanity to help me organize my brushes and lip colors.  I referred to this organizer in my post called, “How To Organize Your Vanity.”  I use this on top of my vanity to keep my make-up brushes standing up and airing out.  I also use it to keep my lip stick, lip gloss, and lip liners.  I try to keep similar colors close together to make it easy to put on in the morning.  I will even put my mascara and eye liner up here.  The tall make-up items are easy to get to on my vanity and standing up.  Click the picture to see the link on Amazon.



Make-Up Applicator Organizer


This is another favorite of mine from my post titled, “How To Organize Your Vanity.”  This is amazing to put on top of your vanity to put your applicators in.  I use one compartment for my q-tips.  Which is a must-have for your vanity to fix any make-up error immediately (especially good for fixing any errors in the eye area).  I also use one compartment for my cotton circular pads that I use again to fix any make-up flaw on my face.  The last compartment is used for my foam wedges.  I prefer to use these over a make-up sponge because I can use a new one each time I do my make-up and keep my pores as clean as possible.  Click the picture below to check out the organizer.



Mouth Wash Pump

I love this Mouth Wash/Listerine pump from my post called “How To Organize Your Master Bathroom.”  This is a bathroom eye-sore saver.  Your bathroom counter will be saved from the look of a giant Listerine/mouth wash on the counter.  This also helps keep everyone using the mouth wash from spreading germs.  Each user pumps their mouth wash into their own tiny bathroom cup to use and throw out.  I love this in my master bathroom!  It is also not a bad idea for guests in a guest/hall bathroom.  Click on the picture below to check it out on Amazon.


Can Dispensers

This is from my “How To Organize Your Refrigerator” post.  This is an amazing can dispenser for your fridge.  I have two of them.  One for plain seltzer and the other for cans of flavored seltzer or when I have cans of beer.  They are great for any cans.  They keep your fridge so organized.  It used to drive me crazy to always push around the cans to find things in the fridge.  It never looked neat and organized when I did this.  This keeps all of my cans so nice and the next new can is always waiting for you when you open your refrigerator.  They are super cheap!  Click the picture to view the link on Amazon!



My Current Nomadic Lifestyle

I am on week 5 of driving around from hotel to hotel and pushing and carrying bags to each location to live out of.  I am so exhausted.  I have been trying to stay as organized as possible to keep my sanity.  It is becoming very difficult to keep everything in order and cart things around.  It is so tiring to unload and re-load the car every 2-4 days.  We do our laundry once a week on the weekends.  And as hard as I try to keep clothes neatly folded, they flop all over the suitcase when rolled out of hotels.  And we are sharing one car-it looks like we live in it.  Of course, we don’t keep any garbage in the car and keep it clean, but the bags are jammed in to the point where we just make sure we can see out of the windows to drive.


It is honestly getting exhausting just getting ready in the morning.  The minimalist part of me is ready to just get rid of everything.  I have even been skipping my make-up routines in the mornings.  I just honestly don’t feel like opening up my bags to put on make-up and get my make-up brushes and mirror out.  I am kicking myself for having packed so much.  When we left Rhode Island, we weren’t sure when we would close on the house and have the movers come.  We still aren’t sure-but we are getting a lot closer to the move-in date now.


I packed sweaters, scarfs, hats, gloves, boots, and especially snow boots.  Of course today it is about 70 degrees-I packed a car full of stuff and have nothing to wear for the weather today.  The irony of this situation is not lost on me.  I cannot wait to have all of my stuff in one place finally.  I am sure that once I get all of my things back, I will be overwhelmed with the amount of stuff we have.  Since I haven’t seen it in so long, I almost forgot that I had other clothes.


This morning my husband and I packed up the car-which felt like the millionth time we have done this.  After I dropped him off at work, I rushed out to sit at a coffee shop.  I feel like I am trapped in the hotel all the time and crave to get out.  Exercising each day keeps me busy, but today, it is my birthday, and I needed a change of scenery.  I can’t wait to feel settled and organized in my new place.  I hope the end of my nomadic lifestyle is coming soon.


Food Storage Containers

This is from my, “How To Organize Your Pantry” post.  I love these different sizes of food containers.  These have helped me get so organized and see what food I have.  The different sizes are perfect to fit all kinds of things from small pieces of candy to long pieces of spaghetti.  You can fit everything in these containers.  I even use them to make trail mix and store flour.  They are great for all of your cooking and baking needs.  I love them so much, I just bought my friend a set to congratulate her on her engagement!  Click the picture to check out these amazing storage containers on Amazon.