Urban Vs. Suburban Living

Many people who grow up in suburban America all have the same life trajectory expectations or dreams if you will.  They  all dream about growing up, finding the perfect person, falling in love, getting married, moving into the suburbs in a beautiful house with a white picket fence, and then having babies.

I am on track with the beginning of the dream-I grew up, found someone special and got married.  The next part doesn’t match up-I adore living in cities, not in the suburbs.  Living in a city is AMAZING-the world is literally at your fingertips.  You can have your choice of food stores, markets, exercise studios/classes, activities, restaurants, and bars.  The possibilities are endless.

For years, my husband and I have lived in cities.  Like right IN the city.  I love city life.  I think it might be because I grew up so close to New York City, I was able to visit anytime I liked.  And NYC sets your expectations super high.  NYC is the ultimate city.  As a child I was so captivated by the excitement, the lights, and all the things to do.  Everyone seemed like they had the most thrilling lives.  After I graduated college, I couldn’t wait to move to Hoboken-which is an amazing city in and of itself.  Not to mention, it is a ten minute train ride on the PATH to Manhattan.


When my husband and I reconnected in Dallas, we had so much fun going out to the best bars and restaurants the city had to offer.  And Dallas is an amazing city-there is so much to do, the bar scene is amazing and not to mention the delicious food.  Tex-Mex is one of my favorite types of food.  I always spend an immense amount of time visiting the best BBQ and Tex-Mex that Texas has to offer.  Even though I have to diet after my trips there, it is well worth it.

Living in Baltimore was another wonderful city.  In Baltimore, you can get any delicious food you can think of-COVERED IN CRAB.  I am talking about crab dip on top of tatter tots and crab macaroni and cheese.  This is real crab-not the imitation crab you might see in other places.  If you haven’t had it, I advise you to put it on your bucket list.  Baltimore is another amazingly fun city.  The brunches and bars are so much fun.


Providence is a much more relaxed city than the other cities that I am used to.  There were some great places to eat-and of course the seafood is fantastic.  Federal Hill is awesome for Italian food.  This city has a lot less bar options for a young crowd.  There were some places in walking distance, but we mostly got around by car and Uber.  Not the most exciting city that we have lived in.

After all of these years living in cities, I am now venturing to the next phase of my life-which is the house and white picket fence in suburbia.  This will be my first time since growing up that I am living in a suburb.  I have to admit, I was struggling with this at first.  I was very concerned about how I would feel living in a neighborhood with NOTHING in walking distance.  Of course having more square footage in a house is amazing.  But not being able to walk to a bar or restaurant is foreign to me.  Anything that I need, I have to drive to-I have never had to do that in the past…

Goodbye Bustling City and Hello Quiet Neighborhood!  Here we goo!