How To Organize Your Pantry


The first thing to do to organize your pantry is to organize your shelves by category.  This is how I have organized my four shelves in my past apartment:

First Shelf- So at the tippy top of my pantry, I keep some of the electronics/hardware that honestly just don’t fit anywhere else.  This would be my chopper, my blender, and my mini smoothie maker.

Second Shelf- The next shelf I start putting the snacks.  I put my sweet snacks like candy and cookies here as well as my salty snacks like the pretzels and chips.

Third Shelf- On the next shelf I put food items like cans of soup, boxed pasta, pasta sauce, rice, and quinoa.

Fourth Shelf- The next shelf down, I put my baking and cooking needs like flour, sugar, oil, canola spray, salt, and pepper.

I realize that not everyone has four shelves in their pantry, or a pantry at all.  I had a pantry in my Providence apartment.  But in my Hoboken and Baltimore apartment, I only had my kitchen cabinets.  My advice in this situation is to keep snacks together in one or two shelves.  And then keep all cooking and baking needs on their own shelf or cabinet.  I have even combined my pasta, rice, and soups with my baking needs.  That way when I go for a snack, I am not taking having to reach behind boxes of pasta.


Pro-tip- organize your kitchen pantry is clear containers!  This is literally a must-have for everyone.  You can use these for candy, flour, pretzels, chips, cereal, pasta and more!  They have endless possibilities.  I bought the entire pack, but you can always buy separate pieces.  When I get to my new house, I will be buying another couple pieces to add-on to my collection to organize my food.