How To Organize Your Refrigerator


I find that that the best way to organize your fridge is by category.  Let’s start with the door:

Refrigerator Door- I place the eggs in the assigned spot on the door.  Then, I use the rest of the door to keep things like butter, salad dressing, and miscellaneous condiments.

First Shelf-I place drinks like orange juice, milk, and creamers

Second shelf-I put ready-made or left-over food.  For example, my pre-made salads for work and my quinoa and vegetables for the week.

Diary drawer-I obviously put deli meat and cheeses in here.  I also put in parmesan cheese.  I put hummus in here as well.

Third shelf-I put my can-dispensers.  I fill one with seltzer and the other with either flavored seltzer (if the cans fit), soda, or beer.  I also put any meat down there next to it (the meat always remains in bags not touching anything else-I am very neurotic about this).  Sometimes, I have to keep containers of produce that aren’t able to fit in the produce drawer here as well.

Produce drawer-Of course I put my spinach, peppers, tomatoes, and carrots in this drawer at the bottom.


The can dispensers help keep the refrigerator cans organized and help maximize space in the refrigerator.  It is awesome to have the cans continue to come forward and not have to reach around the refrigerator shifting cans around for space.  I love these dispensers, they are so cheap and help organize your refrigerator so well!  They are $7.99 only Amazon!


12 thoughts on “How To Organize Your Refrigerator

    • movingmrs says:

      Organizing your fridge is so important because otherwise I think we are all just shuffling and pushing around food to the back and forgetting things are there. It is such a refreshing feeling to open your fridge and actually see what you have to eat. Thank you for reading!


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