How to Organize Your Vanity


Is your getting ready routine a nightmare?  There is an amazing key to make your getting ready routine go smooth and get your prepared for the day like a diva!  It is a well-organized vanity.

Every girl needs a vanity.  I remember when I was a little girl, I had a play vanity that I would sit at and brush my hair in.  I loved this!  I was obsessed with sitting at my vanity and getting ready like I was a grown-up.  I think this was partly because of watching my mom do her hair and make-up at her vanity growing up.  I also would see women in movies sitting at their vanity and getting ready.  The whole thing was so alluring to me.  Getting dressed up as a little girl was so much fun for me!  I couldn’t wait to grow up and really get my hair and make-up done.


When I was in middle school, my mom took me to antique stores and we bought an old vanity and seat.  She painted it white with me and then bought beautiful flower stencils.  We used purple paint to match my room to paint the flower stencils.  We finished it with a matching purple flower chair cushion and got a custom-fitted glass top for my vanity so it would be easily cleaned.  I used this vanity from middle school to college.


This was how my vanity turned out:


My aunt and grandma bought me a beautiful new vanity and chair to match my room decor when I moved to Hoboken.  Having a vanity is still so much fun.  I store all my make-up inside and keep it as organized as possible.  I love getting ready at my vanity and it keeps the bathroom unoccupied so my husband can use it to get ready.  Plus, who doesn’t love getting ready like a princess?  You get to sit comfortably in a chair to get ready instead of standing and leaning against the bathroom counter.

Here is my new vanity:


There are some essentials that every woman needs for her vanity.  Here they are:

-These are the essentials you need to get my look!  You need an organizer for all of the make-up you use (eye liner, eye shadow, concealer, foundation, brushes, lip colors, etc.)

This is what I use for the drawer of my vanity.  It fits any size (it expands and fits all types of make-up)

This is what I use for my q-tips and cotton applicators

This is similar to what I use on top of my vanity to help me organize my brushes and lip colors

-You need a magnifying mirror that lights-up.  I know this can be scary to literally see every flaw and pore on your face, but this is perfect for tweezing eyebrows and making sure that you are covering each blemish for a big night out!

-You need a garbage so you can throw away your tissues, q-tips, and other cotton applicators used to do your make-up.  You will thank me for this tip when you are able to complete your make-up routine without running into the bathroom each time you need the garbage.


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