5 Hidden Costs When Moving


  1. Check your lease-if you are leasing an apartment, condo, townhouse, or home-CHECK YOUR LEASE. There are many hidden costs here to break that lease early.pexels-photo-323780.jpeg
  2. Check your cable contract-there are some that you will have to buy your way out of (Unfortunately, I have had to spend hundreds of dollars in the past to buy out of a contract for a cable company when moving out of state).pexels-photo-442576.jpeg
  3. Budget in money for hotels/food-if you have lag time from your current living situation to a new living situation, you will have to budget to make sure you have enough money for hotels and food while you are waiting to get into your new digs.pexels-photo-518244.jpeg
  4. Have some cash for tips-if you are having a moving company come or buying any furniture that needs to be carried into your new place, you will have to have some cash to tip.pexels-photo-545065.jpeg
  5. Car Registration-if you are moving out of state, a lot of the new car registration costs are intense. I have had some experiences where I have had to spend half my month’s rent of these costs.  Make sure to check it out online before relocating.pexels-photo-849835.jpeg