Moving Into a House

Top 3 things you need to remember to do before moving into your new home:

1.  Water:  find out what water company you need to contact to get the water service in your name.shower-shower-head-water-drop-of-water-161502.jpeg

2. Power:  get in touch with the power company to get your power set-up in your name and turned on for your move-in day.


Hidden cost here-We had to pay about $400 (about 2 months of power) as a security deposit.  This number was based on the average amount our neighbors pay per month.

3. Garbage: call the garbage company to set-up your garbage service.


Don’t forget to ask if they provide a garbage can that everyone in the neighborhood uses, or you have to buy your own.  Most provide a garbage can.  But, we have to buy our own in our new house.

Also, ask if they provide recycling as well.  If not, find out what recycling company to call to set it up.




2 thoughts on “Moving Into a House

  1. themedicalmamacom says:

    We just sold our house yesterday (March 1st). Our buyers are super young. They are about 20 years old. Cute couple. I kept calling our utilities and making sure they had transferred in to their name starting the 1st (also day of closing). I couldn’t believe they had to be told 3 different times throughout this week to get it done. Then they wanted to know who utilities were through. I wish everyone who was buying a house would read this. Thank you for sharing.

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    • movingmrs says:

      Congrats on selling your house! It is so complicated to get this all done in time to close. Since I don’t have a job because we moved out of state, they wouldn’t even let me sign up for the power company because they couldn’t verify my identity and credit. My husband had to call during his work day and put it in his name to get it started in time to close. There are so many little details to think about during the move!

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