Walk-Through Checklist

This is the checklist I used to check my house before closing.  This is a great list that can be catered to apartments/condos/townhouses/houses.  I left room for notes under”Done.”

Item Done
Path to front door from driveway/street  
Front door painted black  
Side garage door painted black  
Front door knobs and lock  
Back door knob and lock  
Garage door to kitchen knob and lock  
Basement door knob and lock  
Handrails on stairs  
Crown molding on stair top  
Closet doors installed  
New wall paint on any scratches  
All crown molding on first and second floor in  
No dents on walls  
Floor vents in  
Dry wall in garage  
Hardwood downstairs (no scratches)  
Outlet in kitchen island  
Stainless steel appliances in kitchen (stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher)  
Lip on island  
Get both garage door clickers (garage doors open and close)  
Return spare keys (2) and get new keys for house  
Lights working on first and second floor (lighting fixtures installed)  
Water working (hot water)  
Everything installed to support refrigerator and washer/dryer


Patio/deck complete


Outlets working on first and second floor  
Heating/gas working (vents and thermometer)


TV hook-ups installed (kitchen, family room, office, dining room, and 4 bedrooms)


Flush toilets on first and second floor


Closet doors open and close


Garbage disposal working



Vents installed and working


Crown molding on floor and ceiling  
Clean-up was there to wipe things down and sweep