Day 1 of Unpacking

The first day of unpacking was very overwhelming.  We had to get the kitchen wiped down and unpack all of the kitchen items from the boxes and tissue paper.  It took hours just to get everything on the countertops.  Then, we had to start to figure out where all of the kitchen supplies will go based on cabinet space and how much I had of each item.

The kitchen is always the hardest room to start in, but it begins to clear so much space downstairs.  Along with the kitchen stuff, I also got my china out of the boxes and laid the boxes in the dining room.  I kept the office boxes and bar stuff in boxes for a bit and then started with the rooms upstairs.  It was easy to get the furniture and big pieces into the correct rooms.


Getting the upstairs boxes in the correct rooms was a very important step to start getting organized.  I started in the master bedroom taking the wardrobe pieces out.  The clothes were already organized by color and the rubber bands and garbage bags were still over the clothes.  This made it easy to start hanging them in the closets.  The boxes were easy to get rid of at that point.