Day 2 of Unpacking

The second day of unpacking was just as overwhelming as the first day.  I felt like I was making good progress, and then I woke up and had to jump over piles of shoes and bathroom supplies to get to the master bathroom.  This day got tedious.  This was all of the little soaps and lotions that needed to be organized and put under bathroom cabinets.  I also had to get pajamas, t-shirts, shorts, work-out clothes, socks, etc. folded and put into dressers and other drawers.

Since we don’t have a master bedroom set yet, we have been staying in a spare bedroom. We are still using all of our old furniture to store our clothes in.  So to get ready, we have to visit at least 2-3 rooms upstairs now.

By the end of the second day, I was feeling a bit relieved.  I was also starting to catch up on six weeks of laundry.  I was dreading this so much.  But, I do love finally getting organized and things put away.  I am making strides to getting settled.