Barely Holding On With No Internet

Getting our Cable set up was difficult because there are only small cable companies where we live.  So, it looked like everyone in our neighborhood was using satellite or Direct TV.  We decided to use Direct TV since we had used it when we lived in Maryland in few years ago.  In about a week, we had the Direct TV worker here setting up the tv and satellite for Direct TV.  It was so hard to live without the tv for the week we didn’t have it here.  It makes us feel so much more moved in now to have the tv working in our rooms.

The real nightmare has been the internet-we still don’t have internet.  I have to use my hotspot every time I blog or have to surf the internet.  It has been so hard to not have internet this whole time.  It has been a couple weeks and we are struggling.  First, when we called the internet company to set it up, they said that it would take a couple days for them to set it up.  They said they would call us when it was set up and ready for someone to come out.  We also said that we would like to buy the router, and they were going to ship it to us.  About a week passed, and we spoke to them to arrange the set up day.

I was so excited for the set up day!  The morning of the set up day, my husband called to confirm the time with them and during this called they asked if we had the router.  We reminded them that we told the representative that we would buy the router and then we were told that it was supposed to have been shipped to us.  Unfortunately, the company failed to ship it to us.  So then, they had to cancel the set up day.

They have now set up a new day to come install our internet.  And we were told the router should be here, the day our internet gets set up…I’m not going to hold my breath.  I am so disappointed with the lack of service we have gotten from this internet company. I am really hoping that we get internet this week.  Otherwise, it will be going on a full month of using up data and being off the grid.pexels-photo-366063.jpeg