My 4 Week Wait for Internet

It has been four whole long weeks since we have moved in and the entire time we have had NO internet.  We have been using our hot spot on our phones.  We have run out of data and I was doing all of my internet surfing at coffee shops.

Not only was going out for coffee at coffee shops starting to get costly, but it was also getting costly to park.  Believe it or not, in the small town that I live in, the meters don’t have a credit card machine, they only accept quarters.  And since, I NEVER have change, I would end up begging cashiers to let me over-pay on my credit card for coffee and get quarters for meters.  It was getting to be intense.

It was a pain.  It is really a nightmare to not have internet.

Finally, the internet company sent out an employee for our modem and router.  When my husband got home from work, it took us a while to fix all the cords and hook up the internet, but we did it.

So after about 30 days-which felt like 30 years.  We have internet-it is such a relief!  Having no internet is such an inconvenience these days.pexels-photo-941693.jpeg

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