Basement Kitchen Appliances

I know this may sound odd, but my extra kitchen appliances are downstairs.  I don’t like to clutter up my kitchen counter by putting so many appliances all over.  I also like to only keep the appliances and kitchen tools I use in my kitchen for every day.


So, the extra appliances that I don’t use every day are in the basement.  I have used these old book shelves that I had from college.  They are cheap and black.  I was able to put my toaster, griddle, extra coffee maker, cupcake and lasagna traveling containers, and pitchers on these shelves.

This makes it easy for me to store and use them when I need them, but they aren’t cluttering up my kitchen in the mean time.  This is the book shelf that I used, you can buy it on Amazon for a great price!  I took the shelves out of the book shelf to fit my appliances.  The small square tv stand next to it is on wheels.  I took the shelf out of that as well to fit the blenders and crockpot.  They are cheap and great to organize spaces.