Budget for Each Room


It is so hard to decorate your new living space.  And not only is it challenging to find perfect pieces, but it is also expensive.  My husband and I try to keep costs down by budgeting for each room.

So after all of your furniture and things from your move have been delivered, then get settled in.  Live in your new home and see what you need day by day.  And do lots of online shopping and searching.  My husband and I are always online looking at different pieces of furniture.  We also make many visits to local stores.  Shopping around is important so you get an idea of what you like-it also helps make sure you get an awesome deal on your things.

To budget for furnishing rooms, it is best to look at what you need for each room and set an actual budget.  For example, we need EVERYTHING for our master bedroom.  We need a headboard, footboard, dresser, two night stands, a chest, etc.  To decide on a fair budget, I advise that you do research online and in stores to see what an average going rate is to furnish each room.  Then, I try to stay in the average/below average range.

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