On My Kitchen Counter…

I finally have an island in my kitchen.  I absolutely love it!  It helps me have extra space for meal preparation and storage.  On my island, I have a bowl of oranges, I try to keep these space clutter-free so that it is easy to meal prep and eat at.

I have my coffee area by my sink with a coffee area with my coffee beans in a jar.  I also have my sugar in the same area.  Above my coffee area, I have my coffee mugs.  I also have my glasses above them.

I also have my KitchenAid, Nutri Bullet, and knife block on another corner of my kitchen counter.  I leave my napkins, salt and pepper, and recipe book on the counter as well.

I try to only keep the things that I use most of the time on the counter so they are easily accessible.  I have my extra kitchen tools and appliances downstairs.