My Kitchen Cabinets…Part 2

This is my spice cabinet.  On the top, I keep my baking sprinkles, cupcake wrappers, and baking needs like Crisco.  On the bottom, I keep my spices on the outside of the rack, but towards the inside, I have my large containers of salt, oil, vinegar, etc.  And on the outside, I have my cook books.


I have my dishes and bowls in my cabinet by the refrigerator.  And the cabinet under holds some of my serving bowls and plates.


The corner under the spice rack holds another lazy susan that hold my tupperware.  I put the Pyrex on top and the plastic tupperware and lids on the bottom.


Above the refrigerator, I have my extra serving platters for guests.


By the sink, I have 4 drawers.  The top drawer by the stove has my oven mittens and trivets. Underneath, I have my knives, then my miscellaneous drawer with plastic bags, foil, chips clips, and candles.  On the bottom, I have all of my kitchen towels.