Warning to Anyone Who Has a Closed TV Console

Please be careful!  My husband has an XBOX that we use for Netflix.  We had it in our beautiful, new TV console.  It looked great and organized.  However, I was dusting one day, and it was heating up the console!

I was so worried, I left the cabinet door open the rest of the day until my husband came home.  We couldn’t figure out why it was so hot.  After a little research, we found that XBOX units can’t be stored in a closed space.  So we took it out and had no idea what to do!  After trying to move it all around the room, we ended up fitting it on top of the console behind the tv.

This was Plan C.  We wanted it nice and organized.d  We didn’t want to have to jam it in behind the tv.  But, to keep our house safe, that is what we had to do.

We had no idea!  We also never had a closed tv console.  So if you end up buying a closed tv console, research what electronics are safe to keep inside of it.