Hi everyone!  Thanks for coming to visit my blog.  My name is Brittany and I’m currently moving to Central Pennsylvania.  My husband and I have just finished moving out of Providence, Rhode Island.  I am a frequent mover.  I am originally from Central New Jersey.  My first experience moving was when I began college at Penn State the fall of 2008.  This was my first time living on my own, out of NJ, and out of my parents’ house. It was quite a shock at first to go from having my own room to myself to sharing a teeny tiny dorm room and closet space and desk space with a stranger-I freaked out!  Where would all my clothes go?!?  I had to start getting super creative at learning how to maximize my space using unique storage ideas.  I have always been a neurotic clean-freak.  While living in a dorm, I always was vacuuming-yes vacuuming the tiny 5×5 floor space.  I was always wiping down the dresser and doors.  I always had my trusty flip-flops and shower-caddy for showers and the hallway.  Germs really stress me out, which is why it’s ironic that I am an elementary school teacher!

My husband and I met at Penn State.  We were both social chairs in greek life.  We would organize fun social events together.  That was the extent of our relationship in college.  Since he is older than me, he had graduated before me and moved away from Penn State.  We stayed in touch very little once he graduated.

After, I graduated from Penn State University.  I moved to Hoboken, New Jersey which was so much fun!  I had a really old apartment right in the hub of the fun in Hoboken.  I was living in an old apartment like no air, no washer/dryer/no dishwasher/un-even floors, one bathroom old.  Again, the creative organizer side of me kicked in and would come up with unique ideas to maximize my storage space.  I was single at the time and then I took a fateful trip to Dallas, Texas to visit my family.

Soon after our relationship began, my husband (boyfriend at the time) moved to Baltimore, Maryland.  The weekend he moved in, I came to help him get all cleaned and organized.  We did the long-distance relationship for a few months before he popped the question!  I moved from Hoboken to Baltimore to be with my fiancé.  We had to combine all of our things together in a small one bedroom/one bathroom row home apartment.  We lived there for a short time before moving to Providence, Rhode Island.  We were moving there engaged, planning a wedding, and on one income-yikes!  We made it and we accumulated so many wedding gifts along the way.  We have filled every nook and cranny of our apartment with china, silverware, stemware, and serving sets.  And I am proud to say that our place was always tidy, clean, and organized.  We have been married for a year and a half now and we are currently moving to Pennsylvania.

I am definitely not a stranger to moving-especially moving quickly!  I have learned a lot from moving around from state to state.  One of the things I have become an expert in is stretching a budget to meet the various spaces I live.  I would love to share my experiences of how I manage to decorate my space, organize, and move all on a one-income budget!  I am sharing everything that I wish someone had told me-I hope this helps!