Top 5 Things You Need to Know When Considering Where to Move


  1. Spend a weekend-stay at a hotel or Air B&B where you are thinking of living
  2. Live like the locals-check out the local grocery stores, breweries, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, and exercise spots (ex. Yoga or health/fitness clubs)
  3. Meander around-drive and walk around town as much as possible. Think about what you are looking for in your move and the stage in life.  For example, are you looking to live by young professionals, young families, empty nesters, or a retirement community
  4. Make sure it’s safe-go online and look up crime rates in the area
  5. Location, location, location-is there a long commute?  How close are you to your work?  How long are you from the best restaurants and shopping?

5 Ways You Can Make Money Right Now

Since my husband and I are living off of just one income, I am looking for some ways to save up money to decorate and furnish our house.  I am currently at my parents’ house and have started going through some of the boxes I have left in my basement.  Here are some ways I am making money right now.

  1. Go through old purses/bags and list them on “Offer Up.”  This is an awesome app that allows you to quickly and easily take a picture, add a description, and list it for sale in your area.  It is basically like an online garage sale.  Or you could always have an old-fashioned garage sale!
  2. Sort through old clothes/shoes/jackets and bring them to a consignment shop or Plato’s Closet.  Just remember, at Plato’s Closet, the clothes have to be current and used VERY lightly.
  3. Sell childhood toys (I am currently working on selling my beanie babies.  I was a 90’s kid and adored these little guys.  It has been fun going back through them to see what they are worth).  I am planning on selling them on Amazon.
  4. Look through all jewelry (even broken pieces of chains, pendants, and charms) and bring them to a local jewelry shop.  They will be able to pay you for some of your pieces.  The main goal here is to look for any gold jewelry you may have.  They can melt it down and use it to create and sell their jewelry.  You will get market price for the weight in gold.  I have done this and made about $60.
  5. Gather all of your loose change and bring them to a bank instead of a Coin Star-that way you won’t be charged a percent of your money.  I was able to make $26 doing this.

This is a great motivation to de-clutter your house.  Your goal is to make money.  It is truly a win-win, if you don’t wear it or use it anymore, why not see someone else get good use out of it?  And have a little extra cash in your pocket!!


3 Budgeting Tips For Your Move Out

Here are the hidden costs in your actual move out of your home/apartment/townhouse/condo that you NEED to budget for:

Hiring Movers-ok so once the moving company is picked and paid for.  Hiring packers and movers can get pricey.  To save money, there were times in the past when we would hire movers just for big pieces of furniture and we would drive boxes and bags back and forth ourself to save money.

Hiring a moving company can cost anywhere upward of $4,000.  Usually there is storage involved which will costs hundreds per day.  This is hard to quote an exact number based on moving company, distance, item inventory, and storage length.

Tips for movers and packers-first let me explain what each of these positions do.  The packers will come before the movers and physically pack your things up in boxes and fill it with paper for cushioning.  Then they will tape, label, and mark boxes with company stickers for inventory.  The boxes remain in your home.

The movers come after the packers are done and inventory the boxes on papers and electronically. Then, they haul all boxes and furniture to the truck.

Sometimes the packers come early and begin packing and the movers will come a bit later and begin to load the truck.  This move, the packers came one day and the movers came the next day.  Depending on how many people come, you will have to tip them.  So the first day, we had two packers-I gave them $30 cash each for a grand total of $60 that day.  The next day, we had three movers-I gave each $20 cash, there was a head mover, so I gave him $25 cash (a little extra).  This was another grand total of $65.  So after both days, my out of pocket grand total for tips was $125.

Lunch for movers and packers-these moving company workers really work hard lifting and hauling your whole life around all day.  So it is hard to not want to pay for their lunch.  For the day the packers came, I bought a pizza for $19 plus tip for the delivery person $4.  So that was a total of $23.  The next day, the movers wanted specific sandwiches.  These sandwiches added up to about $48 plus tip for the delivery person $8 and then the delivery fee of about $5.  This added up to $61.  In total, for both days, I spent $84

Total amount of money out of MY pocket paid-$209

Pro-tip-on my last move from Baltimore to Providence,I paid the moving company up to $600 cash/check out of my pocket to pick up some things at my parents’ house in NJ along the way to add to our moving truck.  This is great if you want big, heavy furniture you can’t fit in a car to end up at your new place.  If you are in a similar position, a lot of movers are will to pick up some money to put in their pocket (off the record) and help you out.  Just be sure to negotiate your price with them (since there is no set price for this) based on what they are picking up and the distance they are driving.  This will save you money and time in the long-run because otherwise my husband and I would have had to rent a Uhaul and taken off of work to drive to my parents and back.  There would have been gas money involved at both ends.  And we would have had to also hire a local guy to physically carry the items on and off the truck at both ends of the move.

5 Ways to Create Space on a Budget

Ok, so anyone who has moved knows how challenging and overwhelming adjusting to a new space can be.  When I moved in with my husband in Baltimore (fiance at the time), we had NO SPACE to work with.  So these are some of the ways that I have saved money and created space.

1.  No closets-no problem!  Buy clothes racks and create your own free-standing closet.  I also used some cheap shoe racks that I put inside the outline of the clothes racks and some cheap hanging shoe racks for the sides of the rack.




2.  One bathroom problems-so anyone who has lived in a one bathroom space with a roommate/significant other knows that the competition of getting into the bathroom is real!  Ladies, use a vanity-this frees up the bathroom and allows you to get your own relaxing space to get yourself ready for the day.


3.  No bathroom space-buy a cheap organizer for over your toilet.  This creates extra storage in your bathroom.


4.  Tiny laundry area-organize my laundry space, I was able to snag a tiny paper organizer that my mom used to use in her classroom to save space and keep my detergent, dryer sheets, etc.


5.  No kitchen counter space-by adding a tiny table with two stools gifted to us from my mother-in-law, we were able to add an area to serve, prepare, and eat food.