Landscaping in Spring


Since my husband and I closed on our house in the winter, we unfortunately have no yard.  And when I mean no yard, I mean mounds of dirt and mud.  There is no paved driveway or walk-up to the house.  We have nothing exciting outside our house to look at.  And furthermore, because of the mess outside, booties are my new best friend.  Each time someone comes to the house to deliver things or drop things off, I give them booties to put on their shoes.

The booties are a necessity in a new construction home.  It is awful to have people coming in all of the time and tracking the dirt and mud in.  I feel like Cinderella because there hasn’t been a moment when I haven’t stopped cleaning the floors.

I have been anxiously awaiting my window of getting a puppy, but it looks like I am going to have to wait a bit longer until I am able to have a yard with grass so that I don’t have to consistently clean the floors all day and night.

Thankfully, my mother-in-law recently bought me this amazing cleaner and spray for my floors.  This helps keep me from spending my entire day on my hands and knees cleaning the floors.  The spray helps keep the floors shiny and it helps me only have to go over them once every couple days.  This is a game-changer.  It is such a relief to not have a mess to have to clean up every day.  I highly recommend this product to anyone with hard wood floors-especially dark hard wood floors like I have.