Home Goods Helps Me With Turquoise

IMG_2071I need a splash of color in my living room/kitchen area.  All the deep brown and beige needs a pop of fun color to lighten the rooms.  I adore turquoise and I have used this to decorate when I lived in Hoboken.  So I had some decorations to put in the rooms to see how the color would look-and it looked amazing!

Home Goods has the most amazing home decorations.  I found a foot stool for only $29.99.  The foot stool is knitted and from the children’s section.  I suggest that when you are adding a light pop of color, ALWAYS look at the kid’s area.  This is a great place to find cheap pieces that help finish your room.

I was also able to snag a vase for only $19.99.  The only thing I had to ad were the long twigs that stick out of the vase to add height to the decorations of the room.

I was able to buy a pretty canister to put my coffee in for only $9.99.  And, I bought a beautiful turquoise teapot which I love!  The teapot was $19.99.

Just adding these small touches of color really add a lot to a room.


My Pantry

On the top of the pantry, I have some kitchen gadgets such as, an onion chopper, cheese grater, and baskets for bread and chips.  The next shelf down I have my tea, sugar for coffee/tea, honey, and coffee.  Under that shelf, I have the salty snacks like pretzels, nuts, popcorn, etc.  The last shelf, I have canned items like sauce, rice, pasta, soup, baking needs like sugar and flour.

On the floor, I keep my lunch boxes (because I used to be a teacher), coolers, paper towels, and napkins.  I also keep my extra containers to hold my snacks.



My Kitchen Island

In the one drawer of my island, I have my silverware and my kitchen scissors and peelers.


In my other drawer, I have my cutting boards.  I use wood cutting boards and plastic.


Under the island, I have all of my pots and pans, the colanders, mixing bowls, and roasting pan.


My Kitchen Cabinets…Part 2

This is my spice cabinet.  On the top, I keep my baking sprinkles, cupcake wrappers, and baking needs like Crisco.  On the bottom, I keep my spices on the outside of the rack, but towards the inside, I have my large containers of salt, oil, vinegar, etc.  And on the outside, I have my cook books.


I have my dishes and bowls in my cabinet by the refrigerator.  And the cabinet under holds some of my serving bowls and plates.


The corner under the spice rack holds another lazy susan that hold my tupperware.  I put the Pyrex on top and the plastic tupperware and lids on the bottom.


Above the refrigerator, I have my extra serving platters for guests.


By the sink, I have 4 drawers.  The top drawer by the stove has my oven mittens and trivets. Underneath, I have my knives, then my miscellaneous drawer with plastic bags, foil, chips clips, and candles.  On the bottom, I have all of my kitchen towels.




My Kitchen Cabinets…Part 1

Above my coffee area, I have my coffee mugs, then two shelves of glasses, and then on the top shelf, I have my nice coffee cups and saucers for company.


Under my sink, I have a container of extra sponges and gloves.  I also have my garbage bags, dish detergent, and some extra soap.  I also have my “bag” of bags.  The bag of bags is essential for every house.  I am always going through my bags for traveling and carrying items to different places.


Above my stove and microwave, I have one cabinet of water bottles, and some fancy coffee cups for entertaining.  Above my microwave, I have my baking pans, sifter, mixer, and other baking items.  To the right of the microwave, I keep my measuring cups, measuring spoons, and funnels.


Under my stove/oven, I keep my cookie pans, and muffin pans.  I know I could use this area as a food warmer, but I can’t stop my habit of storing these items there!

On My Kitchen Counter…

I finally have an island in my kitchen.  I absolutely love it!  It helps me have extra space for meal preparation and storage.  On my island, I have a bowl of oranges, I try to keep these space clutter-free so that it is easy to meal prep and eat at.

I have my coffee area by my sink with a coffee area with my coffee beans in a jar.  I also have my sugar in the same area.  Above my coffee area, I have my coffee mugs.  I also have my glasses above them.

I also have my KitchenAid, Nutri Bullet, and knife block on another corner of my kitchen counter.  I leave my napkins, salt and pepper, and recipe book on the counter as well.

I try to only keep the things that I use most of the time on the counter so they are easily accessible.  I have my extra kitchen tools and appliances downstairs.