5 Hidden Costs When Moving


  1. Check your lease-if you are leasing an apartment, condo, townhouse, or home-CHECK YOUR LEASE. There are many hidden costs here to break that lease early.pexels-photo-323780.jpeg
  2. Check your cable contract-there are some that you will have to buy your way out of (Unfortunately, I have had to spend hundreds of dollars in the past to buy out of a contract for a cable company when moving out of state).pexels-photo-442576.jpeg
  3. Budget in money for hotels/food-if you have lag time from your current living situation to a new living situation, you will have to budget to make sure you have enough money for hotels and food while you are waiting to get into your new digs.pexels-photo-518244.jpeg
  4. Have some cash for tips-if you are having a moving company come or buying any furniture that needs to be carried into your new place, you will have to have some cash to tip.pexels-photo-545065.jpeg
  5. Car Registration-if you are moving out of state, a lot of the new car registration costs are intense. I have had some experiences where I have had to spend half my month’s rent of these costs.  Make sure to check it out online before relocating.pexels-photo-849835.jpeg

9 Unexpected Items that Movers Won’t Take

If you are hiring a moving company, there are some items that they will NOT take the liability of packing.  Here is the list:

  1. Flammable Items-such as, gasoline for a grill, lighters, candles, aerosolspexels-photo-266623.jpeg
  2. Bathroom Liquids-this means all the soaps for the bathrooms, showers, shampoos, conditioners, Listerine, and lotionspexels-photo-433624.jpeg
  3. Kitchen Liquids-some examples are condiments and oils (even if they have NEVER been open)tomatoes-ketchup-sad-food-161025.jpeg
  4. Open Food-this would pertain to food in your pantry like a bag of pretzels and/or half-used milk in the fridgepexels-photo-479620.jpeg
  5. Cleaning Products-this is your bathroom toilet cleaner, detergents, lysol sprays, shower sprays, glass cleaners, etc.
  6. Light Bulbs-the movers/packers will usually un-screw them from lighting fixtures and will leave them for you to packpexels-photo-256307.jpeg
  7. Frozen non-food items-this is means freezer packs, specialty drink coolers or ice cubes (my husband has special grey gin ice cubes for his drinks and beer cooling sticks to chill beer)glasses-ice-cubes-illuminated-drink-162475.jpeg
  8. Cash-which is a NO BRAINERpexels-photo-545065.jpeg
  9. Valuable Jewelry-they will not pack your expensive jewelry.  You will need to make arrangements yourself to move your expensive things yourselfpexels-photo-265883.jpeg

Top 5 Things You Need to Know When Considering Where to Move


  1. Spend a weekend-stay at a hotel or Air B&B where you are thinking of living
  2. Live like the locals-check out the local grocery stores, breweries, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, and exercise spots (ex. Yoga or health/fitness clubs)
  3. Meander around-drive and walk around town as much as possible. Think about what you are looking for in your move and the stage in life.  For example, are you looking to live by young professionals, young families, empty nesters, or a retirement community
  4. Make sure it’s safe-go online and look up crime rates in the area
  5. Location, location, location-is there a long commute?  How close are you to your work?  How long are you from the best restaurants and shopping?