Guest Room/Living Room?

This guest room is the smallest and closest to the master.  I put the two guest bedrooms on either side of the guest bathroom so it is accessible.  We used our old living room set as a hang out/spare living room area upstairs.  We put the couch in it with our tv, tv stand, and coffee table.

We even put some games in the room.  So I guess it also also a game room?  Our games are mostly just like cards, Monopoly, and Clue.  Maybe one day, we will have more exciting games, but that is our collection for now.

I also keep my magazine rack and magazines in the living room area.  This was our main room when we moved in.  This was our only relaxing area and couch in our house for a while when we first moved in.  We haven’t hung out in there much recently.  But when our parents visited, they would sometimes watch tv in there and relax before bed.

5 Ways You Can Make Money Right Now

Since my husband and I are living off of just one income, I am looking for some ways to save up money to decorate and furnish our house.  I am currently at my parents’ house and have started going through some of the boxes I have left in my basement.  Here are some ways I am making money right now.

  1. Go through old purses/bags and list them on “Offer Up.”  This is an awesome app that allows you to quickly and easily take a picture, add a description, and list it for sale in your area.  It is basically like an online garage sale.  Or you could always have an old-fashioned garage sale!
  2. Sort through old clothes/shoes/jackets and bring them to a consignment shop or Plato’s Closet.  Just remember, at Plato’s Closet, the clothes have to be current and used VERY lightly.
  3. Sell childhood toys (I am currently working on selling my beanie babies.  I was a 90’s kid and adored these little guys.  It has been fun going back through them to see what they are worth).  I am planning on selling them on Amazon.
  4. Look through all jewelry (even broken pieces of chains, pendants, and charms) and bring them to a local jewelry shop.  They will be able to pay you for some of your pieces.  The main goal here is to look for any gold jewelry you may have.  They can melt it down and use it to create and sell their jewelry.  You will get market price for the weight in gold.  I have done this and made about $60.
  5. Gather all of your loose change and bring them to a bank instead of a Coin Star-that way you won’t be charged a percent of your money.  I was able to make $26 doing this.

This is a great motivation to de-clutter your house.  Your goal is to make money.  It is truly a win-win, if you don’t wear it or use it anymore, why not see someone else get good use out of it?  And have a little extra cash in your pocket!!