Moving Checklist


This is the ultimate moving checklist.  If your moves go like mine, you usually have about 2 months to get it all together and get yourself moved.

8-6 weeks to go!
Confirm new living arrangements
Check out local moving companies


6-4 weeks to go!
Confirm local moving company or moving arrangements if you are doing some of the move yourself
Cancel any local memberships if you are moving out of the area (ex.gym)


4 weeks to go!
Confirm moving date/movers or packers if you are hiring them
Cancel lease (if applicable)


3 weeks to go!
De-clutter (go through your current space room by room)
Buy sharpies, boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape


2 weeks to go!
Take pictures and any other wall decorations down
Wrap all pictures and decorations in tissue paper
Cancel Cable
Cancel Electric
Cancel Water
Cancel Gas
Contact Post Office to put in new address and when to begin forwarding mail to that address
Contact credit card companies, banks, insurance companies, etc. to inform them of your new address
Only buy what you need from the food store to get you by, use up what you have!
Take pictures of how cords are connected to electronics and how furniture pieces are set-up so you remember when you get to your new place (and also to reference to make sure pieces aren’t damaged during move)
Wrap purses that you won’t use until the move is complete
Wrap any delicate jewelry in baggies and boxes to keep them from getting tangled


1 week to go!
Wrap any delicate/fragile pieces like china, bar-ware, and glasses with bubble wrap and tissue paper
Wrap all shoes in individual bags
Put clothes on a hanger and group with rubber bands and then put garbage bags over the groups
Pack bag that you will live out of until movers get to new location (include all vitamins and medications and don’t forget to check the upcoming weather reports)  


Make sure that you take any liquid out of containers before they are packed (ex. soap out of pumps, water out of teapot)
Put any cords in a box with labels so you know what you use them for (use twist ties and rubber bands with labels)
Throw out any extra food and use up what you have
Buy Lysol wipes, water bottles, paper towels, and soap to prepare for the moving day (and possible hand hold vacuum)
Wrap toilet cleaning supplies and toilet wands in separate bags to keep them from mixing with anything else in the bathroom
Wash shower curtains if they are fabric, if they are plastic, wipe them down so they are packed dry
Wash sheets while movers pack and fold them so they are clean when you get to your new place
Wrap mattresses and pillows with the zippered mattress and pillow protectors
Make sure that you bring any cash, personal documents such as passports and SS cards to make sure they get to the new location safely



Walk-Through Checklist

This is the checklist I used to check my house before closing.  This is a great list that can be catered to apartments/condos/townhouses/houses.  I left room for notes under”Done.”

Item Done
Path to front door from driveway/street  
Front door painted black  
Side garage door painted black  
Front door knobs and lock  
Back door knob and lock  
Garage door to kitchen knob and lock  
Basement door knob and lock  
Handrails on stairs  
Crown molding on stair top  
Closet doors installed  
New wall paint on any scratches  
All crown molding on first and second floor in  
No dents on walls  
Floor vents in  
Dry wall in garage  
Hardwood downstairs (no scratches)  
Outlet in kitchen island  
Stainless steel appliances in kitchen (stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher)  
Lip on island  
Get both garage door clickers (garage doors open and close)  
Return spare keys (2) and get new keys for house  
Lights working on first and second floor (lighting fixtures installed)  
Water working (hot water)  
Everything installed to support refrigerator and washer/dryer


Patio/deck complete


Outlets working on first and second floor  
Heating/gas working (vents and thermometer)


TV hook-ups installed (kitchen, family room, office, dining room, and 4 bedrooms)


Flush toilets on first and second floor


Closet doors open and close


Garbage disposal working



Vents installed and working


Crown molding on floor and ceiling  
Clean-up was there to wipe things down and sweep  




Moving Bloopers

Hey everyone!  I always share about all the right tips to help you move and get organized.  Today I wanted to share a moving blooper with you.  My husband and I both have our cars in Rhode Island packed and ready to drive.  Like I have discussed in my previous posts, our cars are filled with our most valuable items:my wedding dress, purses, jewelry, and of course our bags of clothes and toiletries to live out of for about a month.  The last things that we had to jam in our cars were all of the liquids the packers wouldn’t pack.  The packers left us some boxes for this.

What I haven’t told you is since my husband travels so much for work, he collects hotel soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, etc.  Basically anything the hotel will give you for FREE during your stay.  He collects them each night he stays in a hotel.  Multiply this by TWO years and that is the amount we have collected.  I told my husband that he is a hoarder-but he would argue otherwise.  These soaps are in our guest bathroom.  We often get compliments on our wide variety from our guests.  This also saves us money so we don’t have to provide soaps for guests.

So back to the blooper, my husband and I were trying to get ready to drive our cars out of the apartment parking deck earlier.  He was re-arranging some boxes in his car for the drive.  He was trying to get a box to fit behind his driver seat, and he was growing frustrated.  He continued to jam the box in this tight space causing the bottom of the box to get squeezed by the backseat and driver seat.  All of a sudden, a flood of the precious soaps and hair products that he had been saving were flowing out the bottom of the box. Unluckily, they were not just falling out, but falling on the parking deck ground and under the car.  My husband was in panic and started trying to wiggle the box up and out which caused the rest of the contents to fall out.  This was what we were left to clean up.


We were able to recover the box and use tape to refold and sturdy the box.  It took us about 15 minutes to crawl around the group and pick them up all and re-pack the car.  My husband was so happy we were able to re-cover them.  They were undamaged and my husband is a very happy man.  The weekend has been saved!

I would love to hear any funny moving bloopers that you all might have had along the way.  Please leave me your stories here.  I can’t wait to read them!

3 Budgeting Tips For Your Move Out

Here are the hidden costs in your actual move out of your home/apartment/townhouse/condo that you NEED to budget for:

Hiring Movers-ok so once the moving company is picked and paid for.  Hiring packers and movers can get pricey.  To save money, there were times in the past when we would hire movers just for big pieces of furniture and we would drive boxes and bags back and forth ourself to save money.

Hiring a moving company can cost anywhere upward of $4,000.  Usually there is storage involved which will costs hundreds per day.  This is hard to quote an exact number based on moving company, distance, item inventory, and storage length.

Tips for movers and packers-first let me explain what each of these positions do.  The packers will come before the movers and physically pack your things up in boxes and fill it with paper for cushioning.  Then they will tape, label, and mark boxes with company stickers for inventory.  The boxes remain in your home.

The movers come after the packers are done and inventory the boxes on papers and electronically. Then, they haul all boxes and furniture to the truck.

Sometimes the packers come early and begin packing and the movers will come a bit later and begin to load the truck.  This move, the packers came one day and the movers came the next day.  Depending on how many people come, you will have to tip them.  So the first day, we had two packers-I gave them $30 cash each for a grand total of $60 that day.  The next day, we had three movers-I gave each $20 cash, there was a head mover, so I gave him $25 cash (a little extra).  This was another grand total of $65.  So after both days, my out of pocket grand total for tips was $125.

Lunch for movers and packers-these moving company workers really work hard lifting and hauling your whole life around all day.  So it is hard to not want to pay for their lunch.  For the day the packers came, I bought a pizza for $19 plus tip for the delivery person $4.  So that was a total of $23.  The next day, the movers wanted specific sandwiches.  These sandwiches added up to about $48 plus tip for the delivery person $8 and then the delivery fee of about $5.  This added up to $61.  In total, for both days, I spent $84

Total amount of money out of MY pocket paid-$209

Pro-tip-on my last move from Baltimore to Providence,I paid the moving company up to $600 cash/check out of my pocket to pick up some things at my parents’ house in NJ along the way to add to our moving truck.  This is great if you want big, heavy furniture you can’t fit in a car to end up at your new place.  If you are in a similar position, a lot of movers are will to pick up some money to put in their pocket (off the record) and help you out.  Just be sure to negotiate your price with them (since there is no set price for this) based on what they are picking up and the distance they are driving.  This will save you money and time in the long-run because otherwise my husband and I would have had to rent a Uhaul and taken off of work to drive to my parents and back.  There would have been gas money involved at both ends.  And we would have had to also hire a local guy to physically carry the items on and off the truck at both ends of the move.