Moving in Day

The morning of our moving in day, my husband and I woke up early and checked out of the hotel.  We packed up our car for the last time and drove to our house.  My husband had to drop me off with our bags and then drive to work.  I was left anxiously waiting alone in our house for the movers.


Luckily, my mother-in-law was able to lend a hand during the moving day.  She came before the movers arrived.  Since I was coming out of 6 straight weeks at a hotel, she was able to bring some snacks and waters for the movers.

The movers arrived around 8:30 in the morning.  They came in and I gave them a tour of the house.  Before they began, I asked how they would protect the floors.  They were able to lay some runners on our hard wood on our main floor and we had to wait for them to line the upstairs area with what looked like saran wrap runners.  After the runners were down, the movers began bringing in boxes.  My mother-in-law checked off the box numbers as the movers carried them in.  I directed the movers where the boxes would go.


Around lunch time, I offered the movers lunch, but they declined and continued to work.  Towards the end of the move around 1 in the afternoon, the head mover and I started looking at the checklist of boxes.  We were missing quite a few at this point.  We looked all over for the missing boxes and had no luck.  Meanwhile, the other two movers were re-assembling some of our furniture that had to be broken down for the move.


In one of our rooms upstairs, we were planning on putting our old living room set.  This included our “L” shaped couch.  The movers were literally pushing our couch into the door and hitting the crown molding and edges and were telling me that it wasn’t fitting.  I asked them if they had taken the legs off and they hadn’t, so I asked them to try that.  Then, they still said it didn’t fit, and then they said they could take the whole wooden skirt off the bottom with the legs.  So I asked them to do that, and wow it worked!  My tip here is: don’t be afraid to ask movers for what you want and how you want it.  You are paying them!  Not the other way around, and this is your stuff!


As the movers packed up and left, I finished signing the paperwork for the missing and damaged items.  I also tipped the two movers $20 each and the main mover $25.  Phew-it was a long day.  But then, we were anxious to get moving in.  So I wiped down the counter tops in the kitchen and began unpacking the kitchen.  This room had the most stuff, so I figured it would be good to start here.