Moving Eve

The night before our moving day, my husband and I were so busy thinking of all of the things that we had to do to make “moving day” a success.  My husband would be at work during the moving day.  My mother-in-law and I would handle the moving.  So my mother-in-law helped us by getting paper towels, toilet paper, soap, water bottles, and snacks.  This is a great kit for any move.

Meanwhile, I drew out the rooms on paper and our furniture.  We were able to figure out what needed to go in which room so I could tell the movers where to put things.  This is smart for any move-whether you are downsizing and moving into a smaller space, or living large.  Each move, I draw out the rooms so that I have an idea of where the furniture will go.  I take measurements if necessary for large pieces of furniture.  I also note where the tv outlets and windows are in the rooms so you know where the tv will go and the bed/furniture will face.