Moving Checklist


This is the ultimate moving checklist.  If your moves go like mine, you usually have about 2 months to get it all together and get yourself moved.

8-6 weeks to go!
Confirm new living arrangements
Check out local moving companies


6-4 weeks to go!
Confirm local moving company or moving arrangements if you are doing some of the move yourself
Cancel any local memberships if you are moving out of the area (ex.gym)


4 weeks to go!
Confirm moving date/movers or packers if you are hiring them
Cancel lease (if applicable)


3 weeks to go!
De-clutter (go through your current space room by room)
Buy sharpies, boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape


2 weeks to go!
Take pictures and any other wall decorations down
Wrap all pictures and decorations in tissue paper
Cancel Cable
Cancel Electric
Cancel Water
Cancel Gas
Contact Post Office to put in new address and when to begin forwarding mail to that address
Contact credit card companies, banks, insurance companies, etc. to inform them of your new address
Only buy what you need from the food store to get you by, use up what you have!
Take pictures of how cords are connected to electronics and how furniture pieces are set-up so you remember when you get to your new place (and also to reference to make sure pieces aren’t damaged during move)
Wrap purses that you won’t use until the move is complete
Wrap any delicate jewelry in baggies and boxes to keep them from getting tangled


1 week to go!
Wrap any delicate/fragile pieces like china, bar-ware, and glasses with bubble wrap and tissue paper
Wrap all shoes in individual bags
Put clothes on a hanger and group with rubber bands and then put garbage bags over the groups
Pack bag that you will live out of until movers get to new location (include all vitamins and medications and don’t forget to check the upcoming weather reports)  


Make sure that you take any liquid out of containers before they are packed (ex. soap out of pumps, water out of teapot)
Put any cords in a box with labels so you know what you use them for (use twist ties and rubber bands with labels)
Throw out any extra food and use up what you have
Buy Lysol wipes, water bottles, paper towels, and soap to prepare for the moving day (and possible hand hold vacuum)
Wrap toilet cleaning supplies and toilet wands in separate bags to keep them from mixing with anything else in the bathroom
Wash shower curtains if they are fabric, if they are plastic, wipe them down so they are packed dry
Wash sheets while movers pack and fold them so they are clean when you get to your new place
Wrap mattresses and pillows with the zippered mattress and pillow protectors
Make sure that you bring any cash, personal documents such as passports and SS cards to make sure they get to the new location safely