My First Month Working From Home (VIPKID)

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So, I have spent the last month working from home on VIPKID.  It has been a great way to make money.  This month will be over in a week and I have made $600.  Next month, I hope to make about $1,000.  I have never worked from home before.  I was a bit skeptical at first.  But, it has been fantastic!  I have been loving working from home so far.

I have a 4 month old puppy that can only be crated an hour or two at a time.  It is great because I can be at home with her and work with her out of the crate when I teach.  I work early in the morning (I was NEVER a morning person), but between my puppy and this job-I have recently become a morning person.

The best part of working all morning is that you entire work day is over at 10 a.m.  The rest of the day, I can go to the gym, dog park, run errands, go to doctor appointments, and even take a nap!  It is a very freeing feeling.

With the new office in our new house, I have been able to comfortably set up a work space and work from home with ease.  I have everything I need on the desk and I keep it set up all week long.  I love having an office space-the desk even faces the windows.  It is a very relaxing and quite environment to work in.

Working from home has been a great extension of my teaching career and my work/life balance is amazing!  I am surprised about how much I am enjoying it!

If anyone is interested or would like to find out more about VIPKID, please send me an email.  And here is the link to get started

Feel free to email me at

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