Top 10 Tips for a Successful Moving Day


  1. Have a move-in kit ready (this is Lysol wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, soap, energy bars, and water)pexels-photo-122803.jpeg
  2. Have cash to tip the moversdollar-currency-money-us-dollar-47344.jpeg
  3. Plan out the rooms ahead of time and if possible: make a chart for the movers of furniture and rooms (I use a sharpie, blank paper, and painter’s tape to make signs for the movers. I will even put paper on the floor that says “white dresser” where the dresser will go)pexels-photo-271667.jpeg
  4. Have the movers lay runners out on your floors no matter what type of flooring you havepexels-photo-326311.jpeg
  5. Make sure you ask for the list of numbers to check off the boxes that come inpexels-photo-273011.jpeg
  6. Take pictures of any damaged item or room/wall in your housepexels-photo-54377.jpeg
  7. Fill out claims for all damaged items and/or missing itemspexels-photo-618158.jpeg
  8. Don’t be shy-the movers are there to help you, feel free to ask them any questions or tell them about any damage while they are therepexels-photo-356079.jpeg
  9. Have an overnight bag of clothes and essentials at your fingertips to make the first night as easy as possiblehiker-traveler-trip-travel-160483.jpeg
  10. Before I moved, I covered my mattresses with a zippered protector.  I kept the clean fitted sheets on them.  I also kept clean pillow cases in the zippered pillow protector.  So the first night in, just un-zip and find the flat sheet and it is time for bed!pexels-photo-189293.jpeg

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